Great Finds Under $100

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Tory BurchRobinson Pebbled Zip Coin Case, Cardinal Red/Cabernet $95


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20 Hashtags to Connect with Readers

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Some of these may not be new to you, while others may not have crossed your mind to use. have fun tweeting!

#vss (very short story)

Free tweetables below! 

3. “You can’t blame a writer for what the characters say.” ― Truman Capote – Click To Tweet
4. “If you can’t annoy somebody, there is little point in writing.” ― Kingsley Amis –  Click To Tweet
5. “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” ― Toni Morrison – Click To Tweet

Splurge or Deal: Houndstooth Coat

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Houndstooth is such a nice neutral pattern. I can throw it over anything. And there are a lot of nice options out there. I like the Madonna and Co. version, but Charlotte Russe and Chicnova also have chic alternatives for any budget.

Facebook for Authors – Cool Apps

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Creating a Facebook page is difficult. Creating a Facebook page as an author is worse. And with so many apps to choose from, one is sure to get a headache or two. I love apps. Some I love more than others and whenever possible I try new apps in the hopes that it will make my life as a writer easier.
What I’ve learned from trying out so many apps is that not all apps are created equal. Some are free while others are not. Some need more work and other well, I should’ve never downloaded. The thing I keep in mind when searching for apps is that I want to highlight myself as an author, and if I’m  running  contests or promotions, I want my visitors to be able to access these contests and promos easily.
Here are some apps that (at this time) might be good for your page:

ZoomFrame – allows you to import your website, Amazon author page or other pages (it allows three pages for free)
Goodreads – imports your books from Goodreads
Pinterest – here is a great post about some Pinterest apps for Facebook
NetworkedBlogs – imports your blog posts to your page (I like having the NetworkedBlogs on my own blog and connecting with people through it.)
YouTube For Pages – this is one I need to install – it will integrate your YouTube videos with Facebook
Contest Apps – I haven’t used any personally, but I know people who like Rafflecopter
Likes – if you have a lot of likes, you might have a likes apps to show the count (it can inspire others to like your page)
Events – if you participate in events, you can use this app to let people know your schedule
videos – if you don’t want to integrate with YouTube, there are apps that allow you to upload videos – videos are a great way to engage your fans
quizzes – I haven’t used any quiz apps but they are also a great way to engage your fans
Freebooksy has released a Facebook app for authors that is free. It allows you to put in your Amazon ISBN and have your book details automatically pull into your Facebook page. You can also offer a free chapter, collect email addresses from your fans and list your book signings.
You can learn more about the features here: has a few free Apps that are available for download. I use their Twitter feed and Rss blog feed apps.
If you have come across apps that you find useful please add them below.
Good Luck with your Fan Page!

Wow, I just found cool apps for my author page! Tweet This

Essentail Hashtags For Writers

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Social media is one of the most important aspects of marketing for Authors. It’s not enough to have an internet presence. You have to know how to best utilize the tools that are available. Used correctly, Twitter hashtags are one of the best ways to connect with industry experts, readers, and other authors. Used incorrectly, it’s just another way to waste your precious time.
Below are some of Twitter’s popular hashtags that will help you promote, market and connect with Twitter followers.
25 Hashtags to Connect, Promote, Network and Market:
#brp (Book release party. I just came up with this one and added it to so, yay!)
#KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)
#Novelines (to quote your own work)
#99c (to offer or pick up an eBook bargain)
#FollowFriday or #FF is one of the most popular hashtags on Twitter, used on a Friday to suggest people to follow to your followers. Ideally, don’t just include a list of @usernames – tell us why we should follow the person or people you suggest. You can do them one at a time, or include a list of people grouped together by topic or reason.
13 Hashtags for Book Industry News and Publishing Tips Hashtags
#IAN1 (Independent Author Network)
IMPORTANT TIP: You should create a Twitter hashtag for each of your books. To create one, visit
1. 30 essential twitter hashtags for Indie Authors. – Click to Tweet
2. Hashtags for Authors the right way! – Click to Tweet
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